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The Colony Cafe

For too long has the legendary town of Woodstock, with its rich and exciting history, become static and dull. The Colony Cafe, 22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock NY, takes on a new musical approach that comes as a breathe of fresh air for the town, musicians, and music seeking feens like myself.
After years working at Dreamland Studios in West Hurley, Pete Caigan takes on the Colony Cafe as the recording engineer and booking agent. Caigan has filled the Colony with recording equipment that is being utilized to record every live act and allows the venue to be a recording studio during the week. The shows take place in what is called the “Ballroom,” with a chestnut balcony circulating the space and offers additional seating. The space is intimately lit with soft-red lighting, candlelight, and a cozy fireplace surrounded by sofas.
The crisp sound quality of the revamped venue/studio is nicely fashioned by the new sound system, sound equipment, and the trapezoid-shaped building. The Colony Cafe is now furnished with equipment including PT HDX recorder w/ Burl Mothership Conversion, MICS (Telefunken U47 w/vf14 and Thierch m7, Neumann 87ai Innerube mod, 2 x Neumann/Telefunken km56c, Neumann SM2 (STEREO), 2 x Neumann u 87 (vintage), 2 x Neumann 89, 2 x Gefell um70, 2 x Royer r122, 2 x Beyer m160, Royer sf12 (STEREO), 2 x RCA 77dx, 2 x Earthworks sr77, 3 x akg 451 eb w/5 caps, 2 x Shure sm8, Beyer m88 vintage, 3 x Sennheiser 421, 3 x Shure 57, etc.), Equalizers (DBX eq, Manley Massive Passive,10 x API 550b, White EQ), Compressors (Inward Connections tsl4, API 2500, Alan Smart C2, etc.), Effects (Bricasti M7, Roland 501 Space Echo, Lexicon pcm70, Yamaha rev7, Yamaha spx90, etc.), and much much more.

Upcoming shows:

Fri. April 18: Small Engine (Dave Kearney and Elly Wininger‘s new band) with award winning songwriter Rupert Wates opening. $10, 8 PM door, 9 PM Start
Sat. April 19: TBA
Fri. April 25: Record Release Party for Arc Iris with Simi Stone and Burnell Pines
Sat. April 26: Big Sister $10, 9 PM door, 9:30 PM Start.
Fri. May 2: The Paul Green Rock Academy METAL SHOW 7PM, 10 PM Pianist Rod Williams with his group.
Sat. May 3: Cinco De Mayo Bash with Mambo Kikongo $10, 8 PM door, 9 PM Start
Sun. May 4: The Paul Green Rock Academy METAL SHOW 2PM

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

photograph by Sophie Seyler-Wetzel

Jaita Zoens (April 14) photograph by Amanda Deeter

Jaita Zoens (April 14) photograph by Amanda Deeter

Liberty Public House

The Liberty Public House, located at 6417 Montgomery St. Rhinebeck, NY, is an American Tavern with memorabilia set in the historic Starr Institute. The unique settings, cozy dining area, and “American-theme” antiques all contribute to making this country pub warm and welcoming. However, this restaurant/bar relies heavily on its location and alluring décor. The food is tasty but overpriced based upon quantity.
Liberty made a smart decision in partitioning the upstairs bar and restaurant for the anticipated variety of customers. There is a nice mixture of mature younger and older adults. This is not a drama filled night club experience that some bars seem to be. There about eight or more beers on tap at $6, and are usually micro-brews brewed out of Oregon and the northwest. However, there is usually Coors Light and Budweiser on tap as well. There are numerous high quality liquor offerings as well as very good red and white wines, such as Beaulieu Vineyard Chardonnay (Central Coast, CA ’07) and Domaine La Berangeraie, Organic Cahors Malbec (France, ’09). The lounge-night club downstairs has a handsome dark wood bar, dimly lit by candle light and chandeliers. The lounge area also includes comfortable black leather couches and Victorian inspired chairs to add to the overall intimate and romantic ambiance of the club. The cozy place is also graced with a head of a water-buffalo atop a stone fireplace anchoring the spacious room. When the weather calls for it, there are two outside dining terraces for relaxed Al fresco dining. The back terrace, or the Boat House, is where a 1976 Coronado sloop that once sailed the Hudson River serves as the bar.

Liberty holds live-music entertainment downstairs and in the Boat House on Friday and Saturday nights, which have included Foster McGinty, Zaita Zoens, Young Citizens, Dirty River, and Locust Heads.

Snapper Magee’s

When in the mood for a beer or cocktail and don’t want to spend a lot of money, Snapper Magee’s is the place to be. The highlight is usually Happy Hour from 10-11pm when you can get $1 draft beers. There are about 15 – 20 different bottles beers and five or so on tap. All beers are $3.75, with Pabst Blue Ribbon being $2.25. Snapper Magee’s is most definitely the dive bar of uptown Kingston. Snapper’s have a jukebox that includes a variety of Classic Rock, Punk, and seasoned Metal artists to ‘rock out’ to all night and sometimes there are live bands playing on Saturday nights. The crowd at this bar is quite a concoction of individuals thrown into a blender. Hipsters, frat boys, townies, prep kids, off-duty cops, the occasional local celebrity, etc. all call this place their local bar and manage to co-exist peacefully. Snapper’s may come off as a bit dingy, watering hole and venue for local bands and artists, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s raw, original, and straight-up. Locals have metaphorically labeled Snapper Magee’s as the Kingston CBGB. As unpretentious as they come, but you always get a clean glass and a strong appreciated drink. However, I wouldn’t trust touching your bottoms to the toilet seats! Please also note that this is a cash only bar with no ATM, but there is a bank down the street if you need one.

Jennifer Connelly Fundraiser Event – 3/21

Please join us in a night of fun at Mirabella’s , 117 Partition Street in Saugerties, to benefit Jennifer Connolly.

For all of you who do not know, Jen has been courageously battling NUT midline carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. It would be our pleasure for family, friends, and members of the community to come together to support her during this battle.

The event will start at 8 pm, with Kevin and Ian Leverich performing at 10 pm.
T-shirts and Bracelets will be sold at the door and other donations will also be welcome.


Twenty-year-old Jennifer Connelly had just graduated Ulster County Community College and was on her way to New Paltz University for the upcoming Spring semester. During her winter break, Connelly, started experiencing immense lower back pain and pressure on her chest that simple would not disperse. This began in late December 2013 after a trip to the city.
Connelly was first diagnosed with pneumonia and was treated with the presumably appropriate antibiotics. However, the symptoms and recurring fluid around her lungs did not go away. Doctors decided the next step was to do a CAT scan and a biopsy. Jennifer was then diagnosed with lymphoma, which is a type of blood cancer. Unfortunately, this diagnosis was also incorrect. It wasn’t until a few days after the initial diagnosis that a Kingston oncologist would find Jennifer’s true illness: NUT midline carcinoma. The statistics on survivors with the disease are discouraging except to Jennifer, her family and friends. Jennifer feels that even though this disease is challenging, she believes that she can beat it. Jennifer and her family hope that you can come and support her with high hopes and positive energy.

Keegan Ales

Keegan Ales Brewery, located at 20 St James St, Kingston, NY, is a great relaxing environment with friendly and accommodating staff. This pub is located in what at night time looks like an industrial or commercial area of the city of Kingston. The pub is homely and laid back, with buckets of peanuts and shells thrown on the floor. One of the rooms, that also includes the bar, consists of large picnic tables for groups and parties to gather. The bar area also has dart boards and table games to enjoy with Keegan’s many authentic brews. The interior brick walls are surfaced with artwork from local artists and are interchanged frequently. In the neighboring room to the bar, there is a preeminent stage where many local artist play, including the Lindsey Webster Band, Grape and the Grain, Connor Kennedy Band, Young Citizens, etc. This room also includes a dart board and a pick up window for the tasty food that they serve here. The variety of food ranges from snacks, like the Quesadilla and chips, to large mouth-watering sandwiches, like the Reuben. On Thursdays, Keegan Ales holds a deal night which offers $3 or $4 (based on the type of brew) mason jars of whatever is on tap. There are three local favorite brews that receive a lot of attention in the area: Old Capitol, Hurricane Kitty, and Mother’s Milk. Old Capitol is the ‘lighter’ beer of the three. This brew is a golden, crisp and refreshing beer. Hurricane Kitty, on the other hand, is coppery and a heavily hopped India Pale Ale. My favorite, Mother’s Milk is a dark and creamy stout, with hints of oatmeal, chocolate and milk. Mother’s Milk is the tastier of the three but so filling.

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, March 20, 2014
Admission Price: FREE, 21+
Show Time: 7PM

Blue Sky
Friday, March 21, 2014
Show Time: 9pm

No Quarter
Saturday, March 22, 2014
Show Time: 9pm

The Gold Hope Duo
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Admission Price: FREE, 21+
Show Time: 7 pm

The Spectacular Average Boys
Friday, March 28, 2014
Admission Price: FREE 21+
Show Time: 9pm


Saturday, March 29, 2014
Show Time: 9PM

Dylan Johanson
Thursday, April 03, 2014

Myles “Mojo” Mancuso
Friday, April 04, 2014
Admission Price: FREE
Show Time: 9pm

Payne’s Grey Sky
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Admission Price: FREE
Show Time: 7pm

Blue Food
Friday, April 11, 2014
Show Time: 9 pm

Young Citizens – 3/7 Catskill Mountain Pizza

This past Friday (3/7) at the Catskill Mountain Pizza restaurant/bar in Woodstock, NY, the locally formed band Young Citizens played a show into the late hours of the night. Young Citizens were founded July 7, 2012. They have gained a respected amount of followers over the past couple of years and continue to gain popularity. The members include Skye Calvin Alfaro (singer, drums, guitar), Connor Milton (guitar, drums), and Nick Boice (bass, percussion), and anyone else who wants to grab an instrument. Young Citizens aim to create an energetic and exciting environment. When having to fill a long set they play a lot of cool covers, like an edgy version of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison, but are ultimately and original band. The band is currently under the influences of rock, reggae, acoustic rock, and blues. Individually, the band members’ musical influences can be considered to be pretty far apart but they essentially have similar tastes and understanding of music. Connor has always taken cues from Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Who, the Band, etc. He has also worked with a lot of folk, blues and old country artists that have rubbed off on his style of playing. Calvin has always admired Jack Johnson, the Strokes, and Ben Harper’s sunny and optimistic style of playing and writing (lyrically and musically upbeat). He’s also very influenced by Jack White / White Stripes, Trevor Hall, Zeppelin, Sublime and lots of Reggae. Nick was influenced and listened to B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan at an early age and is very much into Classic Rock. As anyone can see and hear by their various influences to playing styles and genres, Young Citizens is a versatile band. These musicians as a group are very charismatic and emanate a sense of intimacy with the crowd. They are always down for other musicians or “non-musicians” to join in and jam at the end of every set. Young Citizens upcoming show will be March 28 in New Paltz at Snug Harbor with NCM, Hari and the Karis, and a huge jam session at the end!!

Check out Young Citizens at Reverbnation

2014-03-07 23.30.09

The Stockade Tavern

The Stockade Tavern, located on Fair Street in Uptown Kingston, is one of the hippest ‘speakeasy’ bars in the Hudson Valley that offers excellent old-school drinks.  The Stockade is owned by husband and wife Giovanna “Jenny” Vis and Paul Maloney. The location is discrete and brick faced, with a warm light emanating from the windows displaying the alluring and charismatic atmosphere inside.  The bartenders at the Stockade take their jobs very seriously and undergo extensive training.  New ‘employees’ must go through months of apprenticing before given a true position as a bartender at the Stockade.  All mixed drinks at the stockade are really “clean” drinks.  By “clean” I mean that the drinks are not loaded up with cheap liquor, sugar or bad mixers.  The drink prices range from $8 to $12 but you always get what you pay for at the Stockade Tavern.  The tap list is also always interesting and well chosen as are the wines by the glass.  The Stockade also offers a selection of munchies which include grilled sausage, smoked cheddar cheese with fresh onion, stone-ground mustard, and wheat crackers, pickle plate with hot-baked pretzels, and sardines in the tin.  My only criticism of this bar was the lack of space and seating for the customers but the Stockade recently shut me up with their renovation and new addition that they had undergone earlier this month.  The Stockade Tavern is a must see and a great experience for both tourists and locals.

photographed by Justin Brewer

photographed by Justin Brewer

photographed by Justin Brewer

photographed by Justin Brewer

photographed by Justin Brewer

photographed by Justin Brewer

Jaita Zoens @ Catskill Mountain Pizza – Friday 2/7

It was a great night at Catskill Mountain Pizza for Jaita Zoens.  Jaita Zoens was encored at the end of their set to replay one of their original songs (sang by Lauren O’ Brien), “Riding,” which is a very mellow song that builds up to a great guitar solo as the drums come rolling in.  After their set, guitarist Calvin Alfaro, drummer Miles O’ Brien, and bassist Tyler Robertson did a set of cover songs to keep the night young.  However, these cover songs had their own Jaita Zoens twist to them to keep it original and fresh.  Jaita Zoens is known for encouraging and inviting other musicians from the audience to jam along.  Father of singer Lauren O’ Brien and drummer Miles O’ Brien and ex-drummer of the band Orleans, Peter O’ Brien jumped on the drum set towards the end of the night.  He played on a cover of Sublime’s “Little  District.”  A normally soft acoustic reggae song became a rocking jam as Peter sped up the beat and Tyler layed down a funky bassline, while Calvin ripped a hard rock solo over it.  All in all, the night was a huge success for the fairly new band.  All would agree that Jaita Zoens’ hard work, talent, and genuine love for music and the arts will lead them to great new heights.



photographed by Justin Brewer


Jaita Zoens’ Upcoming Shows

Jaita Zoens is a four piece r&b/pop/rock band from Saugerties, NY. Members include Lauren O’ Brien, Calvin Alfaro, Tyler Robertson, Miles O’ Brien.  Each member’s personal touch gives their music a unique, dynamic sound. With influences ranging from jazz, soul, and funk, to reggae, rock, r&b, and hip hop, their sound has become a collaboration of classic roots with an overall contemporary feel. Jaita Zoens combines down-to-earth lyrics, tight rhythm and bass, and intricate guitar riffs in order to emit simplicity while still paying attention to detail. They plan on finishing their first demo before the spring of 2014.

2/7 – Catskill Mountain Pizza, Woodstock

2/15 - The Shelter: Underground Wine bar, Rhinebeck

2/28 – Liberty Public House, Rhinebeck

3/25 – BSP Lounge, Kingston

Taco Tuesdays

Weekly in Phoenicia, NY a restaurant/bar called Sportman’s Alamo Cantina hosts “Taco Tuesday Nights.”  On Tuesday’s, between 5pm and 10pm, customers have the option of ordering an unlimited amount of $1 tacos and $3 margaritas.  The taco options include your choices of chicken, bean, beef, and fish.  The fish tacos are very fresh and flavorful and the chicken, my personal favorite, is marinated and resembles the texture of pulled pork.
Sportman’s Alamo Cantina provides a fun and relaxed friend/family oriented atmosphere with a reasonably priced dinner menu and great drinks at the restaurant and/or  bar.  Portions can be on the huge side, so be prepared!  However, there is no question that you will get your money’s worth.  To top off the tacos and margaritas, Sportsman’s sister restaurant, Brios Pizzeria & Restaurant, offers a delightful selection of desserts, ranging from cocoanut banana cream pies and miniature chocolate/mouse layered cakes with blueberries and chocolate drizzle.  The Sportsman has a full bar – with GREAT margaritas and an impressive selection of Tequilas.  The restaurant/bar also offers a real nice beer selection on tap:  Budweiser, Coors Light, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, Sam Adams- seasonal, Sam Adams- Lager, Brooklyn Lager, Dos Equis, Spaten, Long Trail- Hibernator, Magic Hat- seasonal, Long Trail- seasonal, Captain Lawrence, Guinness.
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